What People are Saying

Highly Recommended

“I have become the parent I wanted to be. The tools simplify what has always been difficult allowing me to handle issues with my ex. There’s nothing better than knowing that I’m focusing on what’s best for my children. 1HL is a must have.”
- William (Co-parent)

Leaving the Past Where It Belongs

“At 32, I found myself newly married to a wonderful man with three children of his own. My husband's ex has been a constant issue. High conflict interactions and stress completely derailed my marriage. 1HL made it easy to create boundaries leaving the past where it belongs.”
- Sara (Stepmom)

Simplified Communication

“My world with my daughter had boundaries, ground rules, gratitude, respect, communication, and unconditional love. This new world didn’t. It’s so hard - happy with your spouse but miserable with blended family life. 1HL dramatically changed my husband's communication with his ex, helped resolve scheduling, holiday issues and allowed for the children to transition more efficiently without being caught in the middle.”
- Anne (Mom, Stepmom)

My Relationships Are Better

“1HL communication tools made such a difference during our exchange days. My kids love that we get to share life no matter whether they are at mom’s or dad’s house. No more “fear of missing out” feelings. Thank you 1HL!”
- Jesse (Co-parent)

Reframing the Impossible

“That 3:00 am Google search gave me 1HL. A platform I never knew existed gave me tools to resolve and reframe the impossible. You CAN have peace in your heart, home and marriage. Life changing!”
- Katia (Stepmom)

Relationship Saver

“I was ready to quit. 1HL scheduling and document sharing saved my relationship!”
- Greg (Stepdad)

Taking Control of Our Life

“Always trying to keep the peace with someone who is unreasonable keeps you in survival mode. My husband’s ex was in the driver seat because we always wanted what was best for the kids. It took a huge emotional toll on our relationship. Once we built our family community there was no turning back. It created the boundaries we needed so that we could take control of our life. No more feeling defeated or stressed. Issues no longer consume our day or trigger negative emotions!”
- Amber (Stepmom)