Our Mission…

At 1happylife, our mission is to foster private family communities™ that effectively address the intricate challenges of co-parenting and blended family dynamics. With a blend of expertise and passion, we strive to make a lasting impact on the well-being of every family we serve.

Our Story

We were over the moon excited about our new life together!

In love, yes, committed to forever, yes, prepared for what it would mean to join our families together, no.

Shortly after we said, “I do,” marriage encounters as we called them took over the “1happylife” we were focused on creating. And then…

Everyday Life Became Harder Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

Our Breaking Point

Getting married flipped the switch and co-parenting issues that were nonexistent while dating now impacted our ability to focus on creating the family life we both wanted.

Zero boundaries, co-parenting communication issues, scheduling changes, tracking co-parent finances, staying connected on away from home days, first day back after exchange day, parenting styles (discipline and responsibilities), challenging relationships, yes to all of this and more.

This messy and upsetting daily life became our normal until we decided we wanted better, we wanted more. 

Rewriting Our Story

Out of this commitment we began taking the steps we needed to create our 1happylife. From date night conversation ideas written on a napkin, we envisioned solutions to the challenges we faced. We needed a healthy space to not only simplify our co-parenting life but to focus on developing our blended family in private. No more intrusive and emotionally charged issues spilling over into our daily life, feeling disconnected on exchange days, or experiencing the stepmom “outsider syndrome” because you are not in the know.

Here’s what we knew to be true, the research was discouraging. The blended family divorce rate is even higher than first marriages and even more depressing...it typically takes blended families 5 to 7 years to bond. What? How does this ever work when stats indicate that blended marriages end in divorce within 5 years. It is true friends, after four years, Chris and I were at our breaking point. Living a life against all odds is where we began.


The Game Changer

From our date night napkins to making a dream come true we designed a secure platform for creating a private family community™ featuring an exclusive privacy-based “relationship manager” to simplify the complexities of co-parenting and blended family life. The boundaries we needed came to life instantly.

We are living proof that against all odds you too can create the 1happylife you were meant to have. Married for over 18 years, we have endured the growing pains of learning how to work together in a team of his, hers, and ours. Now we want to share what helped us!



Chris is a proud husband, dad, stepdad, and pop pop. He is a lover of family, the White Sox and Scrabble. He holds bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and Business with Master degrees in Adult Education and Management.

Chris is a certified Authentic Strengths Advantage® Coach.


Karina is living her best life as a wife, mom, stepmom and Gigi. She is a lover of dreaming big and encouraging others to live their best life. Karina has a BA in Communication and an MAED in Teaching and Learning Technologies. 

Karina is a certified Stepmom Coach and an Authentic Strengths Advantage® Coach.

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